8 Ways to Win at Your Interviews

Get these 8 Ways down and you will Win at your Interviews.
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If you're ready for that next career move and are dreading the interview process, here are 8 ways to score big and score the place for you. 

Always Remember, You are the Interviewer. 

  1. Research the Company - You must go into the interview meeting knowing what they do and how you feel you can contribute to the company.  At the very core, know the industry they’re in, check out their social platforms, check out the website.

  2. Have Questions to Ask -  Have your own set of questions ready that can showcase your aptitude, readiness and ability to perform the job and add to their existing culture. 

    You want to make a list of some questions that you can ask during the interview. That would help you to determine if this place could be for you.  It can be things aligned with understanding what the company’s goals are to fully understanding their business process and/or something you read on the website that you wanted to expand on to understand their core values.

    Having a few strong questions for the interviewer can help you decide if you really want to work there.

  3. Know the value you bring - You have experience, both life and work experience. Don't sell yourself short.  And if you continuously feel under qualified, then commit to leveling up.  Work on your skills, sharpen your tools, and read industry books.

    But ask yourself,  What are your best skill sets? What do you love doing most out of anything?  Where do you feel that you shine?  And how can that benefit the company you are applying for?

  4. Dress the part - Dress to impress and that means perfect for the occasion.  Dress in clothes that properly fit you and your body type. Don't wear clothes that are too big and baggy or too tight and revealing. 

    You can stand out by making a Statement with a Funky T shirt under your suit that showcases the fact that you are a thought leader and you bring confidence and leadership qualities.  You should aim to feel like you would be the boss of the position you are applying for.  

  5. Firm handshakes - It's important you master a good handshake.  Weak handshakes tell of insecurity and uncertainty.  Strong handshake shows confidence and aptitude.  Everyone wants to hire the latter.  Do it like you mean it.

  6. Eye contact - Can you stare deeply into someone's eyes in which you have no romantic connection to?  It’s the space where our soul’s talk to one another. Knowing how to maintain good eye contact is important.  It shows you are paying attention and value the conversation.  It is a sign of respect for one another and desire to have a positive connection.

  7. Confidence - Walk into every interview with utter confidence. Walk in like you are the one going in to interview the company and decide first if you want to work there, because you are.  Interviews, no matter how bad we may want the job, are a conversation to determine if you are a right fit.  And you want to have the power in deciding that.  You know your own skill sets and you must be confident about what you bring to the table.

  8. Comfort with the Outcome.   Whatever the decision, learn from it and use it to make you better.  Don’t dwell on anything. Se' la Vi'. So don't sweat the outcome if it’s not what you wanted. Pull up your straps and go back in the game. 

    Follow these points and you'll land a position that will add value to your life and vice versa.




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